Local Resources

Local resources to help people living with lupus in the New York metropolitan area.

Find a Doctor

Before you search for a doctor, learn about the types of health professionals who are involved in managing lupus.  These pages also include  directories to local physicans who treat lupus.  

Support Groups

Support groups provide people with lupus an opportunity to exchange information and support each other. Additional support groups are forming soon.  If you wish to volunteer to lead a support group, you must first attend a training session.  Contact us to learn more about becoming a certifice support group leader. 

Help and Resources

Our website includes links to many helpful resources for people with lupus, their families and health professionals. These resources include links to websites of public and private agencies that can provide assistance and support, help with the cost of medications, employment and disability issues, education programs, health insurance, and other important services. 

Message Boards

Our online message boards allow you to ask questions or participate in a discussion on various topics related to lupus.  You can participate without revealing your identity by creating a unique screen name or 'handle' that prevents people from knowing who you are.  

Contact our Health Educator

If you have throughly searched all of the information about lupus located on this website and still have questions, please use this online form to contact our health educator.  Our health educator cannot interpret laboratory tests, diagnose, or recommend medical treatment. We can provide general information about lupus and its management. Only a doctor with knowledge of your complete medical history, all lab results, physical exam and symptoms can answer specific questions about your individual situation and determine the diagnosis, and which treatments or medications may be right for you. Due to the volume of emails we receive, it may take several days to receive a reply. Please be patient.


Watch videos featuring lupus researches discussing their efforts to find the causes and cures for lupus and to develop new, more tolerable and effective treatments for lupus. 


Listen to podcasts on a range of subjects about lupus, including understanding, diagnosing, treating and living with lupus.