Jan. 09, 2018

Happily Ever After and Raising Awareness

Whenever our NE LFA Community Ambassadors get together, they brainstorm ways they can make more people aware of what lupus is and the work of the Lupus Foundation of America.  Little did LFANE Community Ambassador Nicole Carfagna know that she would exponentially get the word out courtesy of her now- husband Danny and the surprise of a lifetime.

Coming home on December 9th, Nicole was greeted by beautiful lights and the warmth of her friends and family for a surprise proposal that Danny had spent the previous six months planning.  But that was just the beginning, Danny asked Nicole if she wanted to get married right then and there and she said YES!  Some friends and family members snapped a few photos and shot videos later sharing the happy moment online.  The story caught fire!  The new Mr. and Mrs. Rios were deluged with requests for interviews from Inside Edition, 1010 Wins, Women’s Health Magazine, ABC and the list goes on and on. 

Nicole and Danny sat down to talk about how to deal with all of the media attention.  Nicole shared, “When this all started happening with us getting phone calls from news stations Danny and I sat down and had a conversation about what we wanted to get out of this. Danny immediately said spreading lupus awareness. I’ve been working so hard over the last few years whether it’s being an ambassador for the LFA, speaking in front of the company that created the medication I’m on, walking at the Walk to End Lupus Now, and hosting golf fundraisers.  But I realized that this opportunity gave me a bigger voice to speak to the world and let them know that stress amplifies lupus’ symptoms and REALLY getting the word out. This really is a horrible illness and the more people know, the more they care and also will be willing to help. The LFA has helped me tremendously over the years and I’m so proud to be a part of it. It has made me so happy having people reach out saying that seeing our wedding story gives them hope that they can not only find love or date, but feel better and manage this mysterious illness. For a world with No lupus we first must KNOW Lupus, and that’s what I hope I’m doing.”

We congratulate Nicole and Danny on their marriage and thank them for their unwavering support.  Learn more about this incredible story.