Marshala Bernaugh

Hi, my name is Marshala. Living with Lupus has become a daily journey that I could have never imagined for my life.  In 1994, I started getting really sick. I started experiencing severe joint pains all over my body, swelling in my feet, face and hands along with crippling fatigue. Also, the rash that was once confined to my hands was now on my face, hands & parts of my body. I started seeing several doctors and none could explain what was happening to me. I suffered for at least a year with these on again, off again illnesses until it all finally took a toll on my body. Again, with no real explanation of what was wrong, the doctors were treating each symptom as a stand alone problem. By the time I was finally diagnosed, I developed severe vasculitis and my kidney function was also deteriorating. Sadly enough my kidneys were damaged and will never work at full capacity.  More recently a new symptom started. I began to have gran mal seizures. These episodes have been so very terrifying.  I have had memory loss, fractured bones and a complete alteration to my life style.  It takes the love and support of many including the awesome people at the Lupus Foundation who are there with any information that anyone might need. I will make it through, over and around this thing called Lupus as long as I have the Grace of God.