Lupus Monthly Sustaining Partners


Join our Lupus Sustaining Partners Monthly Giving Program and help to sustain the vital programs and services provided by the Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter and research to find the cause and cure for lupus.

Your monthly donation as a Lupus Sustaining Partner provides us with a predictable source of income that provides weeks, months and years of support, education and financial assistance to lupus patients in need.  A portion of each donation will also be used to fund lupus research.  

Benefits of the Lupus Sustaining Partners Monthly Giving Program

It’s powerful. Sustaining monthly gifts make a significant impact, providing a reliable and ongoing source of funding.

It’s convenient. Monthly giving is a convenient way to support our mission. Your recurring online donation is secure and flexible. You choose the amount you wish to give each month and you can change or cancel your pledge at any time.

It’s cost effective. You’ll reduce our mailing and administrative costs, putting more of your gift to work helping people in need.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

  • $10 per month (33¢ per day) provides a lupus education packet to 6 newly diagnosed lupus patients
  • $20 per month (66¢ per day) sends one girl to our Lupus Summer Youth Retreat
  • $30 per month ($1.00 per day) provides financial assistance to a lupus patient in need
  • $50 per month ($1.65 per day) funds one lupus education program
  • $100 per month ($3.33 per day) funds a lupus support group for one year