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Media Stories Featuring Heartland Chapter Volunteers, Staff and Physicians

We appreciate our St. Louis and Kansas City Media for raising awareness of the hyrdroxychloroquine (plaquenil) shortage and sharing our message calling for the implementation of needed patient protections that include ensuring people with lupus continue to have access to hyrdroxychloroquine.

Fox 4 in Kansas City
Lawrence woman in desperate need of prescription drug being investigated as COVID-19 treatment

Kansas City Star
Trump calls it a ‘game-changer’ COVID-19 fix. Now lupus patients can’t get their drug

Kansas City Star Editorial
Another Missouri public health crisis? Don’t hoard malaria drugs to fight coronavirus

Fox 2 in St. Louis
Drug used to help patients with lupus, is now being prescribed by doctors creating a shortage

CNN Opinion (National Media)
Lupus survivor: Crucial drug can't be snatched away