Our Chapter Volunteers Serving Patients

We are honored to have many dedicated volunteers, mostly lupus patients, who lead and mange our 30 statewide support groups to serve and support patients.  These groups provide encouragement and coping skills, information on local resources and an opportunity to meet others living with lupus.  Our support group volunteers help in other ways:

  •     The planning and execution of our Lupus Empowerment education
    in Atlanta and across the state.  Many attendees at support group
        meetings and at our education series meet other lupus patients
        for the first time, a lifeline when living with such an isolating
        disease as lupus.
  •     Raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of lupus and reaching
        patients by representing the chapter at many community health fairs
        and events.
  •     Reaching local medical providers serving patients by distributing
        chapter educational materials.
  •     Participating in our Walk and other event planning committees to
        help ensure the successful planning and execution of our fundraising
        programs.  Many of our Top Walkers are support leaders and volunteers.


If you are interested in getting involved with LFA, Georgia Chapter, please contact Destini Alphabet at dalphabet@lfaga.orgWe look forward to hearing from you!