2017 Georgia Lupus Empowerment Summit Presentations and Handouts

All presentations and handouts have been converted to PDF files.

Keynote Presentation

Groundbreaking Research: Stem Cells and Lupus
Gary Gilkeson, MD
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, MUSC

Dr. Gilkeson was awarded a grant to conduct a clinical study looking at the use of adult human mesenchymal stem cells in severe cases of lupus where the patients haven’t responded to other therapies. He will explain how stem cells can become other types of cells and tissues and how this may be of use to lupus patients. 

Dr. Gilkeson's Presentation 

Breakout Sessions

Lupus 101: Understanding Lupus ( w/ Spanish interpretation)
Gary Myerson, MD
Dr. Myerson will share the basics of lupus , including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. Whether you are newly diagnosed or simply want to learn more about lupus, this is a great opportunity to expand you understanding of lupus.

Dr. Myerson's Presentation

Lupus and the Kidneys
Jason Cobb, MD
An estimated 1 in 3 people living with lupus will develop kidney issues that require medical attention and treatment. Learn more about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options as it relates to kidney involvement.

Dr. Cobb's Presentation

Nutrition 101: Well- Balanced Meals
Cristina Cara, MBA,RD,LD
What’s on your plate? Learn about nutrition tips and healthy living in order to sustain energy and nourish cells in your body.

Cristina Caro's Presentation

Additional Resources

My Plate Snack Tip for Parents
My Daily Food Plan
My Plate Dinner
Nutrition Rainbow
Make Half Your Grains Whole
Sodium Tip Sheet-CDC

Spice It Up Guide

Managing Your Medical Bills and Debt
Berneta L. Haynes
Learn how to find answers to some of the most complex medical billing questions, including how to file insurance appeals, read your medical bills, and get payment assistance for your bills.

Berneta Hayne's Presentation 

Workplace Accommodation
Attorney R. Patrick White, Board Chair, LFAGA Board of Directors
You have rights in the workplace, such as reasonable accommodation and more!

R. Patrick White's Presentation

Lupus and SS Disability
Attorneys Winnie P. Pannell and Anjel Burgess, Burgess and Christensen
Can lupus patients qualify for disability? What is the process to obtain disability? When should I apply? This session will answer these questions and more!

Social Security Disability Handout

Gentle Yoga
Beth Passehl
Experience how easy it is to participate in this gentle exercise that reduces stress, joint stiffness, and fatigue!

Yoga Pose Handout

Beth Passehl's WebMD Yoga Videos

7 Yoga Poses to Stretch Your Lower Back
10-Minute Yoga Routine
Yoga Moves for Joint Pain Relief
How to Do Yoga for Restful Sleep
Yoga Moves That Help Digestion
Calming 6-minute Morning Yoga Routine


Vivir Bien Con Lupus
Susana Falagian, MD and Cristina Drenkard, MD
Esta reunión incluye información sobre el lupus y cómo crear un estilo de vida saludable mientras viven con una enfermedad crónica. Únase a nosotros para esta sesión informative.

Dr. Falagian's Presentation

Dr. Drenkard's Presentation

Advocacy Efforts on the State and National Level
Kim Schofield and Chris Reed
Want to learn how to get involved in advocacy and let your voice be heard? This session will answer these questions and more!

Georgia Chapter Efforts

Become a Lupus Activist

Lupus and Men
Chris Reed and Thomas Walters
As a man with lupus, the first thing you may discover is that many people are surprised when they learn you have the disease. A lot of misinformation exists about lupus—including the incorrect belief that lupus only occurs in women.

Lupus and Pregnancy
Kimberley Wilson, MD
Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy while living with lupus

Dr. Wilson's Presentation


Resources and Tools for Living Well with Lupus
Bené E. Williams, LMSW
Learn tips and how live well with lupus through coping techniques and SLE management.

Bené E. Williams' Presentation

Lupus and Your Smile
Dr. Brenda Paulen, D.M.D.
Some medications prescribed for lupus can increase the risk of dental disease. Dr. Abelman will discuss the link between lupus and dental problems and ways to pay more attention to oral health.

Lupus and Oral Health Handout

Putting Care Back in Caregiving
Ellen Sichel, CEO & President, Custom Calm
You may be saying, “My life is out of control, I can barely function at work anymore, I have nothing left to give, and I feel guilty. Ellen Sichel has been there as a caretaker of a sick child for years.

Caregiving Resources