Feb. 21, 2018

My Life with Lupus

We're introducing a new series of personal stories about living with lupus. Each month we will highlight someone living with lupus, sharing as little or as mush as they would like according to their comfort level. Please share these stories of courage, teneacity and love.

Shirley Whitaker

Hi, My name is Shirley Whitaker, I am better known as Ninni.

I was diagnosed with lupus after many doctors evaluated me and said I had neuropathy and or rheumatoid arthritis.

My family doctor decided to give me a complete blood work-up.  After receiving the results she called me and my husband into her office.  She said the blood results looked as if I had lupus but she wanted me to go to another doctor for him to do his own blood results to compare with hers.

I made an appointment went to the office where they took about 11 vials of blood from me.

They compared results and the conclusion was I had systemic lupus.  I have suffered so much not knowing what was wrong with me, being diagnosed with so many different conditions has taken a toll on my life but now I know what I am fighting and fight is what I am doing for not only me but for all who have lupus.

Please visit my walk page to contribute to our efforts.

God Bless