Oct. 13, 2018 9:00 am |

2018 Lupus Empowerment Summit

Saturday, October 13, 2018
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel
2450 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

It's Time for Our Annual Summit

Join the lupus community in Georgia as we come together for an amazing day of education, awareness and camaraderie. The morning sessions and lunch time program will be interpreted in Spanish and we will have Spanish breakout sessions in the afternoon.

Registration Required | $20.00 per person

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Keynote Presenter: Representative Kim Schofield, D - Atlanta

My Journey
Kim Schofield, mother, businesswoman, community leader, health advocate, and committed servant has a motto, "Keep it Moving." We are honored to have Kim share her journey from a lupus diagnosis to State representative and...she is just getting started. Don't miss this opportunity to hear how Kim is bringing lupus awareness to a whole new level and beyond!

Featured Presenter: Jane Bishop

Removing the Mask
Jane Bishop's passion for life and encouraging others is evident, whether chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee, brainstorming with a leadership team, or addressing hundreds of professionals from a platform.  Jane believe's when a person’s passion intersects with their purpose, they are at their best.

Breakout Sessions

Lupus 101: Understanding Lupus (w/ Spanish interpretation)
Learn the basics of lupus , including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. Whether you are newly diagnosed or simply want to learn more about lupus, this is a great opportunity to expand you understanding of lupus.

Lupus and the Kidneys
An estimated 1 in 3 people living with lupus will develop kidney issues that require medical attention and treatment. Learn more about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options as it relates to kidney involvement

Reiki and Its Effects on Lupus
Stress in those living with lupus effects the mind, body, and spirit in negative ways. Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include chronic pain relief, reduction of negative side effects, and relaxation.

Workplace Accommodation
You have rights in the workplace, such as reasonable accommodation and more!

Lupus and SS Disability
Can lupus patients qualify for disability? What is the process to obtain disability? When should I apply? This session will answer these questions and more!

Gentle Yoga
Experience how easy it is to participate in this gentle exercise that reduces stress, joint stiffness, and fatigue!

Vivir Bien Con Lupus
Esta reunión incluye información sobre el lupus y cómo crear un estilo de vida saludable mientras viven con una enfermedad crónica. Únase a nosotros para esta sesión informative.

Lupus and Men
As a man with lupus, the first thing you may discover is that many people are surprised when they learn you have the disease. A lot of misinformation exists about lupus—including the incorrect belief that lupus only occurs in women.

Lupus and the Skin
Approximately 2/3 of people with lupus will experience some type of effect on their skin. Learn about skin rashes and the impact of sun exposure on lupus patients.

Lupus and Depression
Dr. Brenda Paulen, D.M.D.
Join us to learn more about depression and lupus, when to seek professional help, and how to recognize and properly treat symptoms.

Lupus and the Musculoskeletal System
Muscle aches and pain may be from symptoms that happen when your body is responding to some type of inflammation, from muscle atrophy (weakness) or from a true myositis.