Oct. 24, 2016

Announcing the Cut it Out Challenge: A Crowdfunding Campaign for Lupus

Everyday people with lupus are forced to cut things out of their lives in order to manage their disease. They endure a lifetime of sacrifices – their hopes and dreams are shattered.

Twelve-year old Amarissa Mauricio has experienced the devastating effects of lupus through the sacrifices that she has been forced to make in her life. Making new friends, taking care of her dog and doing gymnastics were replaced by what became her sole focus – survival. At such a young age, she has had to fight for her life because of lupus.

We know that making small sacrifices can add up to a big impact if we are all doing our part. In honor of someone with lupus, will you cut one thing out of your life for 14 days? What you cut out is up to you, whether your daily coffee purchase, sweets or going to the movies. Make this small sacrifice for 14 days and donate the money you save to the Lupus Foundation of America’s national research effort. 

Cut it Out donations will help fund groundbreaking stem cell research that could diminish the long-term effects of lupus, stop damage to vital organs and save lives. 

Across a 14 day period, what Americans spend, consume, and drink adds up. If we each make one small sacrifice and donate what we save, we can make a difference in the lives of people battling lupus every day. This is a rolling campaign, so your 14 day challenge can start on whatever day works for you.

To take the 14 day challenge, visit: crowdrise.com/cut-it-out

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