Lupus Champion: LUSH Cosmetics

Louise Senatus, the founder and owner of the LoveUrSelfHard (LUSH) cosmetics line, described as “a beautiful young lady” captivated a fellow lupie, Naomi Jeanty, in the summer of 2013 at a local beauty exposition in Miami, FL. She described Louise as having an enormous amount of “kindness and beautiful spirit of gratitude.”

Months later at a lupus fundraising event that Tamika Jeanty (sister to Naomi) spearheaded for the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida chapter, Louise heard this same woman’s story of living with lupus. Naomi was not aware Louise was in the audience. After a successful night of spreading awareness on lupus and receiving an abundance of support from the community, Naomi began receiving warm, thoughtful messages through social media from Louise.

Later, Naomi began to see Louise as a lupus advocate in her own right through using her social media pages hash tagging “lupus” under her purple reign line cosmetics. Naomi thought it was quite thoughtful and endearing of Louise. After several exchanged messages, Louise told Naomi she had a surprise for her. She was clueless as to what it could be, until one morning she opened her social media page to see a beautiful post written by Louise.

Her jaw immediately dropped in utter silence and shock to find her name printed on the underside of LUSH lipstick. Naomi was beyond words, she was honored to be chosen to have her name bear the label of LUSH purple lipstick. She goes on to say that “I am honored to be chosen as the face of this gorgeous purple Naomi lipstick where 100% of the proceeds from its sales will go towards the mission of the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida.”

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