Living with Lupus: Beverly M.

The diagnosis of Lupus came as a painful surprise to Beverly. In August of 2010 she had her first flare up, preventing her from walking, standing or even sitting on the sofa without being in extreme pain. This attack lasted for two days.
On the first day, she attempted to get out of bed, and fell to the floor. She was in such a fog that she couldn’t remember even the night before, she began to question what activities led up to this event. She was in such a fog that she couldn’t even remember where she went the night before.

Day two of the attack the pain spread to her entire body, it was so extreme that a simple hug made her scream out in pain. She could not sit on the couch, or walk without assistance. Her knees became so swollen and inflamed that she could not stand; the pain became so intense that her daughter had to call 911. Beverly was taken to the county hospital, and soon after diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She was referred to a specialist, and within three months she was diagnosed with lupus (in February of 2011). Since then Beverly has done her best to cope with her illness and live by her new motto,  “I have lupus, but lupus doesn’t have me”.