Why I Walk: Vivian and Carol

This year like every other year my sister Carol and I have been living with this horrible disease. A disease that has absolutely no compassion!! Both Carol and I have endured so much! and we are still here today! Trying to find a cure and fighting back just to have a chance to live our lives and see our children grow up.
A few years ago, Carol was basically fighting for her life. Dealing with Chemo treatments every month, not being able to walk, in constant pain all because of lupus. She fought hard. I remember clearly thinking how strong she was and praying to God every night for her health. I could see the pain in my parent’s eyes. They could not do much as their daughter was suffering. We dealt with it the best we could as a family and due to my sister’s strength and willpower she is here today with a beautiful daughter and beating all odds of becoming a mom and having a family! She still lives with the lupus and continues her struggles but faith keeps her going.
A few years later I was diagnosed with Lupus as well! And here we are basically going for a second “Test” of Faith!! Today I’m trying to fight as hard as she did and with the same energy and willpower as she did. Praying to God every night for a cure for lupus. I am currently on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, trying to find a living donor and starting dialysis in the next month or so. We will fight hard together with our families, parents, husbands and children and I am sure we will beat all odds again!!!


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