Why I Walk: Moe Ryan

I was diagnosed with lupus almost 3 years ago just after my 19th birthday. My diagnosis has been a roller coaster ride. It is caused me to develop depression anxiety and anger but has also led me down a beautiful path of self-discovery which has allowed me to breach from my cocoon and unravel my wings. Since my diagnosis I have suffered from extreme amounts of chronic pain, skin rashes, kidney problems, multiple infections, and the deterioration of my endocrine system leaving me a type 1 diabetic forced to use an insulin pump. Ive spent days in the ICU in a borderline coma, and have had doctors tell me that I won't live past age 30.
That's a very young age to die. So when that was said to me, I decided that I was going to stop focusing on how horrible this disease is, and began living my life. I removed myself off of all medication, changed my diet, and found yoga. Since establishing a yoga practice, I have increased the strength and flexibility in my body immensely and have reduced my chronic pain TREMENDOUSLY. I have developed a healthier and stronger mind, and went from hardly being able to move in the morning, to being able to practice over an hour every day. Because of that, I decided that I wanted to help others with chronic illnesses much like mine. So I became a certified yoga teacher. I embrace the fact that everything is mind over matter, and if you have enough determination to fight this illness, then you WILL WIN. Even though lupus is in my DNA, it does not define me. I look at each bruise and scar as battle wounds and view each and every one of them as tiny little gifts given to me to show the growth and change that has happened along my journey.
Stay positive my fellow lupies.

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