Why I Walk: Meledy Robles

I, Meledy Robles Walk to End Lupus Now because this terrible disease has affected my family directly. I walk in memory of my great aunt Margarita Alonso who has already lost her battle to Lupus. This is also my second year walking in honor of my dance teacher Mrs. Kristin Liu. But most importantly I walk in honor of the two bravest, strongest and important women in my life: my grandmother Martha Portillo and my mother Milagros Robles. They both have Lupus now for over 20 years. Having Lupus has not been easy on them or our family, but I have seen how they both have put up a fight against this terrible life threatening disease. This illness has changed there lives as well as our families forever.I think the hardest moment my mother has had to deal with in life because of Lupus was when she found out she was pregnant with me. When my mother found out she was pregnant I was already eleven weeks in my mommy's tummy. When you have Lupus, a pregnancy should be planned and I was not. My mother then had to make a decision if she was willing to keep me and fight for me, which she did. They told her it was not going to be easy at all. My mother suffered a lot with me in her tummy. Unfortunately Lupus had already done damage to some of her organs. Her kidneys were one of the organs that had the most damage. At 18 weeks of the pregnancy my mothers kidneys shut down completely. She had to either go on dialysis 5 days a week or let us both die. She fought and did what she had to do for me to live. At 31 weeks I decided to give my mom more complications and had to be induced to come to this world early. By the time my mother got to the hospital she had water in her lungs, her heart was being affected and her kidneys where going into shock. So I came into this world prematurely by natural birth with the help of many doctors so my mother and I would both survive. My mother stayed on dialysis for four years after that and finally received her transplant 8 years ago. I thank God every day that my mom was able to get through everything that she has needed to do with this terrible decease. And I thank her for fighting for my life and for hers!Today my mother and grandmother still fight Lupus but I am sure they will never let Lupus take over them. They both know what it is to fight against it all. I stand tall next to them and Walk to End Lupus Now! Help me and so many other children like me that are miracles to walking warriors against this horrifying disease and donate today!

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