Why I Walk : Maria Tillero and Vivian Rojas-Alvarez

My sister Vivian Rojas-Alvarez and I, also known as Team Lupus Sisters, have both been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis for a few years. In between many doctor visits, high doses of medication and 3 chemo treatments, we have both been supporting each other throughout the different struggles this disease brings. I walk to help raise awareness for this mysterious disease and to support my sister, my aunt, myself and all other Lupus survivors that have to live with this disease each and every day with our pains and gains. Unfortunately there are still many people that are completely unaware of the existence of “Lupus” and how devastating and debilitating it can be. It is really upon us, the survivors of Lupus, to share the knowledge and spread awareness. It is with our community’s support, friends, family and those around us that we can help the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter in order to obtain a much needed increase in research and cure for this disease. 


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