Why I Walk : Lynda Barket

 My name is Lynda.  I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Every morning, the beautiful sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean and lights up the beaches. The community comes alive with a wide range of diverse cultural businesses, languages and customs. When I was in high school I was involved in various clubs and organizations. I played on the soccer team, played the piano, and had an interest in photography. I also volunteered to help handicapped children sail Biscayne Bay. There just wasn’t enough time in the day.
Today, things are different. I am a student at Florida State University. The sun still rises over the Atlantic. Things are not different for me because I live in Tallahassee but because I now suffer from Lupus. The beautiful sun that I used to love is no longer healthy for me. When I wake up, I do not know what the day holds for me. 
Fortunately for me, I discovered lupus early through a routine blood test. My doctor discovered that I had low platelets. It was the only subjective marker other than my complaints of fatigue. As my lupus progressed, my doctors discovered the second marker, an elevated A.N.A. (anti-nuclear antibody).
Some days I can barely get out of bed because of joint pain. Some days the thought of breakfast or coffee repulses me because I’m so nauseous from the copious amount of medicine I take. I know my limitations and try to live a normal life despite them. I do all I can to help me fight the disease: I work out, I eat healthy, and avoid stress. No matter how hard it gets some times, I refuse to give in to lupus. I am committed to do all things in my power to end this terrible disease and all autoimmune disease.  Although lupus has certainly progressed in my body, I am committed to manage my lupus and not have it manage me. I am confident that we can find a cure to this disease.  Please Help.

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