Why I Walk: Jennette Eggen

Many of my family members have been diagnosed with lupus. Sadly now my 16 year old son, Jeremy, suffers daily from this devastating disease. I was diagnosed with SLE in January of 2005. This relentless disease has affected almost every organ and joint in my body. I have to take multiple medications daily to control the pain and suppress my immune system so that the antibodies in my body don't continue to attack my organs and joints. My lupus is life-threatening. In October of 2006 I almost died of constrictive heart failure from lupus. I needed open heart surgery, a pericardiectomy, to save my life. I continue to have heart issues, but nothing serious. Although I look healthy on the outside, I live in pain and experience hair loss, digestive problems, respiratory issues, lapses in memory and a compromised immune system. My son Jeremy already experiences joint pain, muscle cramps, digestive issues, memory problems, and more. It has become my mission to save him from the life of suffering that comes with lupus. With our donations to research, we can all make a difference.

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