Why I Walk: Christina Kusek

It took years for me to see that Lupus was a gift. At first not one that I was particularly excited about but I see now it was a blessing that gave my life purpose. Without it I'm not so sure I would have learned some of the lessons that have and continue to make me a stronger woman, wife, mother and friend. It's taught me compassion -I know pain, I can see it in others and I can understand their suffering. It's shown me that I have more power and conviction than I ever thought I had, it's amazing what the mind can do.
So being diagnosed at 22 may have felt like a life sentence but today at 35 I wear it proud like a badge of honor not a scarlet letter. I say it every year for this event that I want my daughter and now expecting child to know that they can find strength within themselves, they can overcome anything that comes their way and all obstacles are pieces to the puzzle that make up who they are.
I can only hope that by raising awareness for this disease I can support and help those who need it more. Men and women who through the help of the Lupus Foundation of America can learn to live with this disease and have a great quality of life until one day we really can find a cure!

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