Why I Walk: Ashlyn Alfonso

Five years ago I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus. I was always too afraid to come out and let people know, because I did not want to be pitied. After all, I still felt that I was the same Ashlyn Alfonso. I just had some medical problem placed in my path. The whole time, I was only thinking of myself and what I had to deal with. It took me three years to realize that by staying quiet I was not helping the cause. That is why I decided to let everyone know that I am a lupus patient, and by doing this, I was helping by spreading awareness. With support from family and friends, it was decided that we would form a team for the lupus walk. Our plan is to raise as much money and spread as much awareness as possible, and it was greatly aided when Menchies of Miami Lakes allowed us to hold fundraisers right there at the store. With everyone’s efforts we have been able to spread the word raised about $400 up to this point, and we are very glad to know that every dollar is a step closer to finding a cure for the thousands of people suffering this cruel disease.


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