Why I Walk: Angelic Carrasquillo

Before Angelic Carrasquillo was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, she was searching for a cause to become involved with.

She could have supported breast cancer given that two of her relatives were affected by this disease, but she wanted to support a cause that didn't garner as much public attention.

Then in the summer of 2008, she found a cause that became very personal.  She began to show an array of unexplainable symptoms, and she discovered that her aunt had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus a few years prior.  This made her want to know more. She asked her doctor for a few more tests (becoming worried about her diagnosis); and after an ANA test and a kidney biopsy, it was revealed that she had lupus nephritis.

At first Angelic was shocked, she went from thinking there was nothing wrong to being diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires treatment and lifestyle changes.

Angelic wanted to do something. It was then that she felt that she had finally found her calling. She was inspired to become involved with the Lupus Foundation of America, SE Florida Chapter.

In 2009, Angelic and three of her friends signed up for the Walk to End Lupus Now™ and have been walking every year since.

"I had to think about how to move forward. I can stand on the side line and continue life in denial or I can live my life and contribute to my own cause as well as my aunts." - Angelic Carrasquillo