Lupus Champion: STMS National Junior Honor Society

During the month of October I noticed something. The world was lit up pink and there wasn't a glimmer of purple. So I figured it was my job to try to turn the world purple or in other words make people more aware of Lupus. So I came up with a fundraiser with the help of a friend. We thought that students would do anything to get out of their bland uniform so we came up with Dress Down for Lupus Day. After this idea was proposed to our NJHS sponsor I immediately began forming a committee. We began making posters for the event and standing outside and collecting money. Many students donated and the turnout was great. I just want people to be slightly aware of what this disease is and give it a chance to be cured and that's what happened,a lot of money was donated and some students became aware. My goal for this fundraiser was to raise awareness and spread the word about this disease, and I am proud to say that has been accomplished.