Lupus Champion: Chivante Powell and Fort Lauderdale High

Chivante Powell (pictured on left) is a Senior at Fort Lauderdale High School. Her mother who had Lupus, passed away 2 years ago. Through Chivante's involvement with her school's Student Government Association, Chivante helped organize a Pep Rally to honor her mother. As a result, $653.02 was raised for the LFA. Sharmane Hines (pictured in center), LFA Support Group Facilitator and Volunteer, was asked to speak about Lupus at the Pep Rally and was impressed at the attentiveness of the students and how well the information presented was received. Chivante hopes that after she graduates, Ft. Lauderdale HS. and its SGA will continue to make this an annual event. Many thanks to Chivante, her fellow SGA members and Fort Lauderdale High School for helping us solve the cruel mystery.