Lupus Champion: Altovise Tobi Allen-Johnson

On May 18th, in the small town of Clewiston, Altovise Tobi Allen-Johnson hosted a lupus advocacy event that successfully raised $850.00 plus some much needed awareness for those suffering with this cruel disease. Ms. Allen-Johnson stated that, “there are a lot of people in our very small hometown that are diagnosed with lupus, to date I have counted at least 20 and yet still in that same small town a lot of people were unaware of what lupus is or what it entails. The event was held at the John Boy Auditorium and the main goal was to raise awareness within her own community. This event was considered to be such a success by all and she was asked to host another one the following year. She is expecting an even bigger turnout and a larger amount of funds to be raised!

Thanks Altovise for helping us solve the cruel mystery!