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Receiving the diagnosis of lupus can be a stressful or frightening moment for both the patient and the family.  It is important to realize that help is available and you are not alone. Whether you or your loved one just received a diagnosis of lupus or have been living with it for a long time—we are here to help you live better with lupus now and in the years ahead. We have listed below the many ways in which we can help you solve the cruel mystery of lupus. You can also fill out our online lupus navigator request form to have a lupus navigator contact you directly.

Lupus Empowerment Series: Educational Programs and Services

We offer an extensive variety of educational programs, services, and resources for the general public and people living with lupus, including family members, caregivers and other members of their support systems.

Take Charge 

Life with lupus can be difficult at times. We created the Take Charge email series to provide you with strategies to help you manage lupus and its every day challenges.

Each week for 8 weeks, you'll get an email from us with tips and resources that can empower you to take charge of your health.

By participating in the Take Charge email series, you'll gain knowledge of skills that can help you:

  • Explain to others how lupus affects you
  • Find and ask for the support you need
  • Identify and track your lupus symptoms
  • Stick with your treatment plan
  • Make the most of your doctor appointments
  • Cope with lupus and its day-to-day challenges
  • The Take Charge email series was developed for people who are newly diagnosed with lupus and longtime lupus warriors.

Sign up today to start taking charge of your health!


LupusConnect, a new online community launched by the Lupus Foundation of America, provides individuals with lupus and their loved ones with the opportunity to engage with others like them to share experiences, find emotional support and discuss practical insights for coping with the daily challenges of the disease.

Support Groups

People with lupus often feel alone with their disease and the everyday struggles that the disease brings to their lives, especially during times when the disease is active. The philosophy of LFA support groups is to provide a warm and caring environment where people with lupus, their family members, caregivers, and loved ones can share their experiences, methods of coping, and insights into living with this chronic illness

Find a Doctor

The chapter maintains lists of lupus aware physicians. We do not offer referrals nor do we make recommendations. Our lists are provided as a convenience in finding physicians which are aware of the issues unique to those with Lupus.

Lupus Information Line

We are proud to offer a toll-free information line to people living with lupus, their family, friends, and caregivers in the state of Florida. Our trained lupus navigators can answer questions and direct you to local resources. 

Local Resources

In addition to the support and services our chapter provides, we maintain a list of resources and other helpful organizations to support you and help you live better.