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Lupus Awareness Month Toolkit | Southeast

Lupus Awareness Month Toolkit

Lupus Awareness Month is about all of us educating others about lupus and it's affects. We've put together a few bits of information to get you started.

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Lupus Awareness Month is a name to be taken literally: it's the month of May in which we all put extra effort into letting the world know about lupus. We take to our communities and to social media to let people know what lupus is, how it affects us and what we can do about it.

Below, you'll find sample posts, quick bits of information and catchy images to get help you spread the word. Let everybody know about lupus!

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Lupus Awareness Month Tools

Get May Proclaimed Lupus Awareness Month

Ask your local official to sign a proclamation declaring May as Lupus Awareness Month. Contact your local officials (mayor, city commissioner, state representatives, etc.) office and let them know how lupus has impacted your life and that you would like their support by signing a proclamation for Lupus Awareness Month.

Click here for the proclamation template you can localize. 

You can either ask them to send us a copy ( or to 2300 High Ridge Road Suite 375 Boynton Beach, FL 33426) or request that they present it to you at their offices or a meeting in May. Then send us a copy and a picture of the proclamation and presentation so we can post it online. Email your proclamation to or mail it to: Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter 2300 High Ridge Road Suite 375 Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Facebook Profile Picture Overlay

Sign into your Facebook account and then visit Profile Picture Frames. Don't forget to click "Use as Profile Picture" to save your changes! 



Sample Social Media Post

Telling your own story is one of the best ways to let your friends know about your connection to lupus. If you're looking for inspiration, start with one of these:



  • #DYK that lupus is known as an invisible illness because someone with lupus can appear perfectly healthy despite battling many internal issues, such as debilitating pain, extreme fatigue, blood disorders, and more? Learn more about this cruel and mysterious disease and help Make Lupus Visible with tools and resources to educate yourself, friends, and family during Lupus Awareness Month.


  • People with lupus can experience significant symptoms, such as pain, extreme fatigue, hair loss, cognitive issues, and physical impairments that affect every facet of their lives. Learn more about lupus and how you can Make Lupus Visible during May's Lupus Awareness Month at


  • Help Make Lupus Visible and get involved this Lupus Awareness Month! You can turn just about anything into a fundraising opportunity through Make Your Mark — our DIY fundraising program. Raise money your way to support those impacted by lupus.



  • I took the My Purple Pledge during Lupus Awareness Month to raise awareness of lupus. Do your part to support the millions of lupus warriors around the world by getting involved to bring an end to this cruel disease. Get started by visiting,



DYK it takes 6 years to receive an accurate #lupus diagnosis? Learn more about signs and symptoms this #LupusAwarenessMonth. #LAM

Together we can create a future without lupus. Learn more & Make #Lupus Visible during #LupusAwarenessMonth #LAM

Turn any event into a fundraiser for lupus, and use your passion to raise funds through our Make Your Mark program & support #lupuswarriors during #LupusAwarenessMonth. #LAM

Support efforts to advance #lupus research by donating to @lupusfl during #LupusAwarenessMonth. We can’t put an end to this cruel disease without your help! #LAM

#Lupus can affect your skin, joints & organs. Though these symptoms cause debilitating pain & can even be life-threatening, they’re not often visible from the outside, causing others to not understand. Learn more & get involved this #LupusAwarenessMonth. @lupusfl

Systemic #lupus accounts for approximately 70% of all cases of lupus. In approximately half of these cases, a major organ or tissue in the body, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, or brain will be affected. Learn more during #LupusAwarenessMonth. @lupusfl

I took #MyPurplePledge to raise awareness of lupus this May. Do your part this #LupusAwarenessMonth by getting involved to better the lives of those impacted by lupus. Join us!  #LAM 


Awareness Shareables

Let's Make Lupus Visible image card

May is Lupus Awareness Month image card

I'm Raising Awareness. Will you join Me? image card

I Took The Purple Pledge image card

Instructions: click on the link for the image you want above, and then save that image. Write a post on the social media platform of your choice, and include that image.

World Lupus Day Sample Social Posts

Before World Lupus Day, you can share this:

  • May 10th is #WorldLupusDay. Visit for information and ways to involve your local community.

Sharing to your social channels on World Lupus Day? Try one of these:

  • Today is #WorldLupusDay and we think of the 5 million people worldwide affected by lupus, the lupus warriors who continue to fight strong to make a difference, and those who lost their battle with this disease. We stand with you! #LupusAwarenessMonth #LAM
  • There are an estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. living with lupus and about 5 million worldwide. No matter who you are or where you are, we support you! ♥ #LupusAwarenessMonth. #LAM

World Lupus Day Shareables

Let's Join Together to End Lupus version 1


Let's Join Together to End Lupus version 2

Put On Purple Day Tools

Sample Social Media Post



  • On May 21st, Put on Purple to show your support for the millions of people affected by lupus. It’s an easy way to raise lupus awareness. Learn more and spread the word during Lupus Awareness Month by visiting


  • Wear your purple proudly on Friday, May 21st for Put on Purple Day to raise lupus awareness! Go Purple to End Lupus and encourage your family and friends to do the same. Learn more by visiting


  • Show your support for those affected by lupus by proudly sporting your purple for Put on Purple Day on May 21st and donate to advance lupus research efforts and educational programs.


  • This Lupus Awareness Month, let’s make lupus visible! On May 21, let’s Go Purple to End Lupus! Join me on 5/21 and share this post to encourage others to participate during Put on Purple Day so we can raise awareness for the millions impacted by this devastating disease.




  • Tomorrow is #PutOnPurple day for #LupusAwarenessMonth! Go Purple to End Lupus, and learn more about Put on Purple day here:  #POP #LAM


  • For #LupusAwarenessMonth participate in #PutOnPurple day on May 21! You can Go Purple to End Lupus to show your support for those affected by #lupus. Help raise awareness and end the cruel mystery.


  • Join me and thousands nationwide for #PutOnPurple Day on May 21st to raise awareness for #lupus & rally support for those suffering from its impact #POP


  • #PutOnPurple on May 21st to support those affected by #lupus. Go Purple to End Lupus and Spread the word! #POP #LupusAwarenessMonth


  • Show your support for those affected by lupus and #PutonPurple on May 21st and donate to advance lupus research efforts. #POP


  • Let’s make lupus visible during #LupusAwarenessMonth. Join me and show your support for the millions impacted by lupus by wearing purple on May 21! Together, we can Go Purple to End lupus! #PutOnPurple #POP #LAM

Social Shareables

Use these resources to download and promote Put On Purple Day in your community on May 21, 2020!

Shareable image: "On May 21, I am putting on purple for Lupus Awareness Month"

Shareable image: "On May 21, I am putting on purple to make lupus visible"