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PATH | Indiana


Assistance program for people with lupus who need help with their most crucial needs that cannot be met through other community resources.

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The Lupus Foundation of America, Indiana Chapter has implemented the Patient Access to Healthcare (PATH) program to assist people with the most crucial needs that cannot be met through other community resources.

Those requesting assistance will be asked to provide the following information and our board of directors will make timely decisions as requests come in:

  • Completed and signed Medical Release Form
  • Completed and signed 2020 Patient Access to Healthcare Application Form
  • A copy of requestor’s recent financial documents including the latest bank statement, paycheck stub, most recent income tax return AND recent letter from Social Security disability
  • A copy of the current health Insurance card (front and back)
  • Physician contact information and confirmation of lupus diagnosis
  • Copy of bill or estimate of cost for items or services being requested

The following goods and services are eligible for subsidy:

  • Emergency prescriptions
  • Medical appointment
  • Lab work
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Transportation to or from a medical appointment
  • Emergency utilities (water, electric, gas)
  • Emergency rent/housing


Medical Release Form

Please contact our office at 317.225.4400 or 800.948.8806 or email CEO La Toija Snodgrass if you have questions or need additional information.