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The following patient education materials are available by contacting LFA, Indiana Chapter (, 800.948.8806 or 317.225.4400):


  • Understanding Lupus (The most comprehensive of our educational materials on lupus, this publication offers information on the immune system and how lupus affects the body, the causes of lupus, the four main forms of lupus, its symptoms, and risks factors for developing the disease.)
  • Living with Lupus (This publication covers the ways in which lupus can have an impact on your physical well-being. Topics include fatigue, exercise and movement, infections, fever, light sensitivity, vaccines and immunizations, pain, depression, memory loss and other cognitive difficulties, diet and nutrition, and the importance of not smoking.)
  • Coping with Lupus (The goal of this publication is to help people with lupus live the best life possible. Strategies and advice are offered on a wide variety of topics, including how to explain lupus to others, parenting, intimacy, pregnancy, raising children with lupus, getting help, lupus in the workplace, traveling, and the importance of taking personal time.)

Fact Sheets:

  • Could You Have Lupus?
  • What I Need to Know About Lupus
  • What I Need to Know About Lupus Treatments
  • What I Need to Know About How Lupus is Diagnosed
  • How Lupus May Affect My Life
  • How Lupus May Affect My Body
  • The Impact of Lupus on the Body
  • Lupus and Pregnancy
  • Lupus and Clinical Depression
  • Lupus and the Renal System
  • Lupus and the Gastrointestinal System
  • Lupus and the Skin
  • Lupus and the Musculoskeletal System
  • Lupus and the Cardiopulmonary System
  • Lupus and Children
  • Lupus and Teenagers
  • Lupus and Men
  • African Americans and Lupus
  • Asians and Lupus
  • Native Americans and Lupus
  • Hispanics and Lupus (English and Spanish versions)
  • Coping With Lupus (Spanish)
  • Diagnosing Lupus (Spanish)
  • Living With Lupus (Spanish)
  • Treating Lupus (Spanish)
  • Understanding Lupus (Spanish)

Downloadable List of Booklets and Fact Sheets 

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