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Providing Answers, Support and Hope in Georgia
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Thirty-One Faces of Hope: Becky Deutsch

The lupus community includes people living with lupus, friends, family and supporters across Georgia. For Lupus Awareness Month, we would like to highlight some of our lupus heroes and champions. 

Becky Deutsch

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“In 1998 I lost a friend Caroline to lupus. Before that, I had no idea what lupus was.  In order to honor my friend’s memory, I knew I wanted to help fight lupus. I contacted the Georgia chapter in 2002 and began volunteering wherever I could. I even became a chapter board member in 2003.  I want to help my many wonderful friends that live with this devastating disease have a better life, and help support the research to get better treatments, and hopefully a cure one day.” -Becky

Becky has been an integral part of our fundraising and advocacy efforts with the Georgia Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America.

Not only has she brought Sam’s Club locations on board to support the Atlanta Walk to End Lupus Now for the last 3 years, securing more than $90,000 from this partnershipalone, but she has also been a walker herself. 

She spreads awareness during their 6 week charity campaign to support this event and acts as the chapter liaison between LFAGA chapter and the Sam's Club locations that participate.

In addition, Becky participates as a golfer, donates items, recruits golfers and helps on Drive to End Lupus Now Golf Tournament event day.

Finally, Becky has served as the Night of Hope Gala Auction Chair for the last several years. This is a special event and fundraiser honors lupus warriors, caregivers and supporters. She has also been responsible for the beautiful decor we have become accustomed to each year.

She states, “This Chapter and its mission mean a lot to me.  I will continue to help in any way I can and honor the memory of my friend Caroline.”

Thank you Becky for all you do! We are forever grateful for your passion, commitment, and leadership.

-Georgia Chapter of Lupus Foundation of America