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Lupus is the cruel mystery

It is difficult to diagnose, hard to live with and a challenge to treat. Your gift can make a difference in the lives of people with lupus.

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January Lupus Highlights and Resources
Sharing the Journey: Ensuring Healthy Eating Habits

We asked Sharing the Journey participants the following question: While there is no lupus-specific diet, being mindful of what you put in your body, eating healthy and staying hydrated is very important for lupus warriors to feel their best.  How do you ensure you are eating well? 


2022 National Lupus Advocacy Summit

For the first time since 2019, lupus advocates will come together in Washington, DC for the nation's largest lupus advocacy event! Save the date for the 2022 National Lupus Advocacy Summit from June 26–28, 2022.  Sign up as an advocate below! Together, we will solve this cruel mystery.

Virtual Lupus Support Groups

Join us for our Lupus Virtual Support Groups. For the safety of our constituents and facilitators during the Covid-19 pandemic, our in-person support groups have been moved online. The groups are open to those with lupus, their loved ones, and caregivers and are implemented by LFA-trained facilitators. Learn more.

Staying Active When You Have Lupus

It can be hard to get active when you have lupus symptoms — but physical activity can actually ease your symptoms and help you feel better! Learn about the benefits of being active and find activities that work for you.

Subscribe to Take Charge

Life with lupus can be difficult at times. We created this series to introduce you to knowledge and skills that can help you better manage lupus and its every day challenges.

2022 Walk to End Lupus Now

Join us in person the for 2022 Walk to End Lupus Now events through out the state of Florida. Stay tuned for upcoming dates! 

Covid-19 and Lupus: The Latest

We are following all developments as they relate to Covid-19 and lupus and will keep you updated as they happen.

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Sarah Beard
I’m so thankful for LFAFL. They have been so supportive and sweet! They are devoted to making sure no Warrior is isolated or alone in their illness. They help you when you’re hurting, comfort you when you’re confused, and love you when you feel lost. It’s amazing to be part of such a family-like atmosphere.
Sarah Beard
Lupus Warrior