Workplace Giving: An Easy Way to Help

There are many ways to give at your workplace  You, your family and friends can direct your payroll deductions to Lupus Foundation of America, DC/MD/VA Chapter.  This is an easy way to give. These regular contributions offer us stability throughout the year and assurance that we can provide ongoing and consistent services such as our support groups, lupus education workshops and other programs.


  • Your $100 annual contribution, less than $5 every bi-weekly pay period, provides an in-person support group for 20 patients to receive counseling and advice. We have 15 face-to-face support groups throughout our service area and 4 online support groups.

  • Your $250 annual contribution, less than $10 every bi-weekly pay period, provides 2 months of community outreach materials distributed at local health fairs.These materials enable people to understand lupus and facilitate early diagnosis.

  • Your $500 annual contribution, less than $20 every bi-weekly pay period, allows 10 individuals to attend a Lupus Summit that provides current information about available lupus treatments from world renowned lupus experts. 

  • Your $1,000 annual contribution, less than $40 every bi-weekly pay period, provides technology services for 3 months that can be accessed by anyone who wants to learn more about lupus. Our technology resources include a comprehensive website, educational podcasts and teleconferences.

Reducing confusion in your payroll designation:

Lupus Foundation of America, Greater Washington Chapter & Lupus Mid-Atlantic are now
Lupus Foundation of America, DC / MD / VA Chapter

You may find us under any of the three names during this year of transition, but your payroll dollar given to any of our three names listed will get to LFA-DC/MD/VA, and we will put it to work providing services and education in your community, as well as funding research.  Please change to these numbers:


#97511- DC/ MD/VA

Donate to LFA-DC/MD/VA through the CFC website.

#22 Central MD
#44 MD Private Sector

Other numbers:
#8022                 CCC Baltimore City, MD
#0515                 CCC Frederick, MD
#6006                 VA Local Campaign

Other Workplace Giving Companies
If your employer has their own workplace giving campaign or uses another workplace giving campaign such as America's Charities, please designate:

Lupus Foundation of America, DC/MD/VA Chapter
1319 F Street, NW, Suite 305
Washington, DC 20004
(888) 787-5380
(202) 787-5399 (fax)

Should you need it, our Federal tax ID number is 23-744-8063.

Donor tip:  When making donations through your workplace giving program, always check that you would like us to acknowldge your donation.  It is your only way of knowing that your donation reaches the charity you selected.

Thank you for thinking of LFA-DC/MD/VA when you make these important gifts!