Apr. 17, 2017

What does research mean to you?

Do you think of research as a way to make your voice heard? Well, it is!

Many people do not know that their role in the research process is important. We believe research is meant to include YOU throughout the whole process—a space for you to share your experiences, help design research questions and receive information about findings or studies that matter to you.

One way to make your voice heard in research is through the Lupus Foundation of America’s Research.forME Lupus Registry, a recently launched online registry for the lupus community.

It is a place for people living with lupus or taking care of a loved one with lupus to provide information about their life with the disease.

The information you share can help shape research studies that better understand and treat lupus. You may also have the opportunity to receive registry information about topics that matter to you, as well as information about research studies that might interest you or your loved one.

You are an important part of the research process.

Learn more about the many ways you can participateand if you are an adult diagnosed with lupus or the parent/guardian or legal representative of a child or an adult with lupus, join the registry here.