Dec. 05, 2013

The Value of Your Donation

by Donna Grogan, Vice President of Development and Fundraising

Tis’ the season...the culture of giving is alive and well!  Last week we gathered with our family and friends to give thanks for the gifts present in our lives and Tuesday, December 3 was officially coined #GivingTuesday. The campaign intended to kick off the holiday season by creating a national day of giving which encourages charitable donations and activities that support nonprofit organizations. 

For the lupus community, the greatest gift of all this season would be to find a cure for lupus, one of the world’s cruelest, most unpredictable and devastating diseases.  To some, donating money is like voting. Many think, “…I do not have enough to give to make a real impact or I do not know enough about the organization to donate…” I am here to tell you that by investing in the Lupus Foundation of America your donations, no matter the gift size, are being put to work now.  The Foundation is a full service organization focused on research, education and support services, and provides help and hope to people with lupus and their families.  The progress we have made and the help on the horizon is nothing short of outstanding. 

The Foundation is the only national organization with dedicated Health Educators to help people living with lupus, family members, friends and caregivers understand and manage the effects of the disease.  We are here to answer your questions, provide resources as well as getting the most out of working with doctors.  We also conduct patient education programs focused on health and wellness and discuss potential new therapies and treatments as well as identify and facilitate patient support groups. 

We aggressively pursue a research agenda to find the answers to the most challenging questions. Our National Research ProgramBringing Down the Barriers™ was the first privately funded national lupus research program. The data generated by this program has helped pave the way for all of the lupus research being conducted.  We must expand this program so we can continue the momentum of progress we have seen in recent years, and develop an arsenal of treatments for lupus.

We remain committed to working with Congress, federal agencies and state legislatures to stimulate funding and support for the 1.5 million Americans affected by lupus.

I hope you remain committed to the work of the Lupus Foundation of America so that we can continue to fund researchers and patient programs so important to our patients and families.

Give a Gift

There are other ways you can give to the Lupus Foundation of America all year long:

  • Become a lupus activist and make the voice of the lupus community heard. A lupus activist engages in educating their federal, state, and locally elected officials about the cruel mystery of lupus.
  • Share encouraging words or your own personal lupus journey on Lupus Foundation of America’s Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Join a Walk to End Lupus Now event in your community to help us take steps to raise funds and awareness and rally public support for those who suffer from lupus.
  • Take Part in a Clinical Trial - By taking part in clinical trials, participants can play a more active role in their own health care. Most importantly, participating in clinical trials helps others by contributing to medical research.

With every dollar you give, we are working to make an impact on everyone affected by lupus. Join us in giving a gift to people with lupus and join the Lupus Foundation of America in our quest to end the cruel mystery of lupus!