May. 03, 2018

Getting Involved with Lupus Awareness Month

Lupus often strikes without warning, and that’s exactly what happened to Gina’s mother Kim back in 2005. Prior to her diagnosis, Kim was always punctual, if not early, but over time she struggled to have the energy to wake up in the morning, let alone get out of bed. She also started noticing rashes and having problems with puffiness and pain in her hands.

Like many who suffer from lupus, Kim’s symptoms are often invisible to her friends, family and even people at work.

“The exhaustion and brain fog is hard to explain to people, and that can be really frustrating,” shared Kim. “But the biggest source of support has been my two daughters and the information I’ve gained thanks to the Lupus Foundation of America.”

Gina and her mom want to see more awareness of how debilitating lupus can be and how it can affect your daily life, your family and even your favorite activities.

This year, Gina is committed to making a difference during Lupus Awareness Month – both for her mom and to help spread awareness about lupus while raising funds for the critical research that is needed to develop better treatments, and ultimately a cure.

“Starting a fundraiser for Lupus Awareness Month with our wine company Sans Wine Co. just made sense. Our new rosé comes out in May, Mother’s Day is in May and it’s Lupus Awareness Month,” said Gina. “While we’re still a growing, self-funded company, we know that every dollar helps and we’re hoping to raise a few thousand dollars from our fundraiser.”

During Lupus Awareness Month, Sans Wine Co. will be donating 50% of sales from their special and limited Rosé of Carignan labels to the Lupus Foundation of America (95 six-pack cases will be available).

When asked what advice she would give to others looking to get involved with fundraising during Lupus Awareness Month Gina shared, “Regardless of what it is, whether it’s $100 a year, $100 a month, a small party to fundraise or just volunteering your time, it all helps. Get involved in whatever way you can.

Learn more about Sans Wine Co. and their give-back promotion during Lupus Awareness month.