Nov. 17, 2014

1st Anniversary of the First Open Access Online Research Journal Dedicated to Lupus

by Lupus Science & Medicine™ editors-in-chief, Dr. Jill Buyon, Division Director of Rheumatology & Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine and Dr. Ronald van Vollenhoven, Professor & Head of Unit for Clinical Therapy Research, Inflammatory Diseases at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

This week, we are celebrating the first anniversary of the official launch announcement of Lupus Science & Medicine™ the first-ever international, Open Access, online medical journal dedicated to advancing knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment and management of lupus and related diseases.

Lupus is a significant public health concern. People with lupus are treated and cared for by multiple specialists in a variety of healthcare settings. Before this journal, thousands of scientific papers that included lupus research findings had been published across a wide list of non-lupus-specific journals, including rheumatology, dermatology, nephrology and immunology, all over the world.  Now researchers have a single source to help them get the needed support to advance the science and medicine of lupus.

Lupus Science & Medicine, a journal of  the Lupus Foundation of America and published by BMJ, the respected global provider of evidence-based medical knowledge, is helping to bring greater worldwide attention to important lupus research studies and stimulating new collaborative efforts to find better ways to solve the cruel mystery of lupus. The journal ensures that ALL stakeholders in the field have free and easy access to research findings.

Since the launch, we have received an impressive number of submissions from researchers from all over the world, from basic science, to clinical and translational science. We have published articles on important topics such as cardiovascular risks in children and teens with lupus; the value of repeat biopsy in guiding treatment in lupus nephritis flares; and pregnancy outcomes among African–American patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.

These are exciting times of discovery in lupus research.  Lupus Science & Medicine will continue to update you on important scientific results in lupus, as well as new insights, commentaries, and discussions that are relevant to the treatment and care for all people affected by lupus.

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