Medical-Scientific Advisory Council

The Lupus Foundation of America Medical-Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC) is composed of thought leaders from the various medical specialty areas related to lupus.  Members advise the Foundation’s board of directors and guide efforts to:

  • advance lupus research and treatment
  • advocate constructive public policies
  • improve public and professional education.

Role and Purpose

  • Identify gaps and barriers in lupus research, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Establish a research agenda to address unmet needs
  • Recommend grant awards and other research expenditures
  • Propose changes to clinical and public policies
  • Interpret research findings and translate data into useful information and programs
  • Represent the Foundation at scientific conferences and meetings with federal agencies
  • Foster the Foundation’s relationships with healthcare agencies, academic institutions, and professional associations
  • Plan and conduct public and professional education programs


In the Spotlight

MSAC members provide a valuable service to the Foundation and the entire lupus community.  Their efforts make a profound contribution to expanding knowledge of lupus and of the best ways to support people with lupus, their families, and caregivers. In appreciation, we focus our Spotlight on their accomplishments in patient care, diagnosis, treatment and research.