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Below are archived recordings from the Lupus Educational Teleconference Series. Documents denoted with (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat software.
The Lupus-Heart Connection (2/24/15)
Speaker:  Joan M. VonFeldt, M.D., MSEd.
Heart disease and stroke are typically associated with risk factors like advancing age, smoking, gender and high blood pressure. However, these factors do not fully explain the increased risk of heart disease and stroke for people with lupus. In fact, research has shown that having lupus, and undergoing treatment can, in itself, be a substantial risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
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Lupus and Stress (11/13/14)
Speaker: Cindy Coney
Physical and emotional stresses are among the suspected triggers for a lupus flare.  People with lupus should reduce stress to help them cope with lupus and improve their overall well-being.
Download Cindy Coney's Presentation (PDF)
Lupus and Disability (10/18/14)
Speaker: Lisa Gonzalez Goetz, PA
Gonzalez & Goetz, LLC
This educational teleconference will help you navigate the often frustrating issues surrounding disability. You will learn what SSDI/SSI is, the qualifications, how to apply, what you need to know to be prepared and other related topics.
Download Lisa Gonzalez Goetz's Presentation (PDF)
Nutrition and Rheumatic Diseases (9/4/14)
Speaker: Dr. Roxanne Sukol, Cleveland Clinic
Good nutrition is an important part of an overall treatment plan for lupus. Learn how to create a nutritious, well-balanced, and varied diet that takes into account the profound effects of a network as complex as the immune system.
Download Dr. Sukol's Presentation (PDF)
Lupus and Depression (8/7/14)
Speaker: Beatrice Lazaroff, Ph.D.
Reactions like anger, fear and depression are a normal part of having a chronic illness such as lupus. These emotions are signals from the body and mind that all is not well and that it is time to use your coping skills. When these emotions are dealt with appropriately, they can provide an opportunity to grow and gain new insights into your life.ight.
Download Beatrice Lazaroff's Presentation (PDF)
Lupus and the Skin (7/9/14)
Speaker: Dr. Frank Santoro
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
University of Connecticut Health Center
Lupus on the skin can come in multiple forms with the most common findings of butterfly rashes, rashes from sunlight, and discoid lesions (scarring, disfiguring lesions). We will discuss the role of the immune, hormonal and environmental factors in the skin disease of lupus. We will review newer therapies and their efficacy in skin disease. Lastly, we will stress the importance of prevention through use of sunscreens, avoidance of the sun and clothing that blocks ultraviolet light.
Download Dr. Santoro's Presentation (PDF)
Pediatric Lupus (6/4/14)
Speaker:  Dr. Reema Syed
Pediatric Rheumatologist
SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center
Hearing that you have lupus, or that your child has it, can be very frightening. However, by working closely with your health care team, you can learn how to best take care of yourself and the special needs of a child with lupus. Learn about what to expect in the future for a child living with lupus.
Download Dr. Reema Syed's presentation
Vivir con Lupus (5/8/14)
Speaker:  Leyka Barbosa, M.D., F.A.C.R.
North Texas Joint Care, P.A.
Esta teleconferencia educativa incluye una introducción al manejo efectivo de la enfermedad y lo básico sobre el Lupus para alguien recién diagnosticado o persona que se pueda beneficiar.  Recibirá información médica exacta y al día sobre el Lupus, sus síntomas, tratamientos y técnicas para combatir la enfermedad.
Download Dr. Leyka Barbosa's presentation
Living with Lupus: An Insider's Perspective (5/1/14)
Presented by:  Pamela Turnbo Thorpe, MD, FACP
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Individual Living with Lupus
Download Dr. Pamela Turnbo Thorpe's presentation
Lupus and Men (4/12/14)
Presented by:  Joseph Shanahan, M.D., Shanahan Rheumatology & Immunotherapy
Download Dr. Shanahan's presentation
Clinical Trial Education (3/22/14)
Presented by: Karen Obmaces, President of Accurate Clinical Research & Linda Willies, Clinical Trial Participant for more than 7 years
Download Karen Obmaces presentation
Download Linda Willies presentation
Lupus & Intimacy (2/26/14)
Presented by:  Lisa Covington, MSW, LCSW-C
Download the presentation (PDF)
Living with Lupus (5/11/13)
Presented by: Stacy D. Kennedy, MD/MBA
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Listen here.
Lupus and Cognitive Dysfunction (4/18/13)
Presented by: Michael Parsons, PhD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Listen here.
Managing the Doctor/Patient Relationship (3/14/13)
Presented by: Melissa Hughes, MD
Listen here.
*Personal Medical Records Forms (PDF)- keep track of your doctor visits, medications, allergies and much more
Lupus and Employment (2/23/13)
Presented by: Rachel D. Ziolkowski, Esq.
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Listen here.
Coping and Living with Fatigue (11/1/12)
Presented by: Afton Hassett, PsyD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Lupus and the Heart (10/9/12)
Presented by: Joan von Feldt, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Living Well With Lupus (10/6/12)
Presented by: Sara Gorman
Living Well With Lupus Keynote Presentation
Lupus Treatments (9/20/12)
Presented by: Murray Urowitz, MD, FACP, FRCPC
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Parents Caring for Children with Lupus (9/11/12)
Presented by: Emily von Scheven, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Social Security and Disability with Lupus (7/12/12)
Presented by: Sheri Abrams, Attorney at Law
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Coping and Living with Skin Lupus (6/7/12)
Presented by: Victoria Werth, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Living with Lupus (5/15/12)
Presented by: Donald Thomas, MD, FACP, FACR, CCD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Listen here.
Vivir Con Lupus (5/5/12)
Presented by: Marcos E. Maldonado, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Listen here.
Nutrition, Diet & Exercise Educational Webinar (2/16/12)
Presented by: Dr. Joe Raphael
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Advances in Lupus Research: Spotlight on Treatment (10/26/11)
Watch the webinar here.
Lupus and the Brain (11/13/10)
Presented by: Robin L. Brey, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Living with Lupus (10/13/10)
Presented by: Philip Cohen, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Vivir Con Lupus (10/12/10)
Presented by: Marcos E. Maldonado, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Lupus and the Skin (6/12/10)
Presented by: Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Disability Issues and Lupus (4/22/10)
Presented by: Winnie P. Pannell, PC
Download the presentation here (PDF)
Kidney Involvement in Lupus (3/11/10)
Presented by: Keisha L. Gibson, MD, MPH
Download the presentation here (PDF)
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