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Will anti-dsDNA antibody always be present even when lupus is well-controlled or quiet?

What can be done to ensure that lupus is diagnosed earlier rather than later?

Why would I need a bone marrow test?

Can I be tested for antiphospholipid antibodies?

What does 'borderline lupus' mean?

How is drug-induced lupus related to systemic lupus?

Does drug-induced lupus resolve when the drug is stopped?

How is the ANA test related to drug-induced lupus?

Is there a test for lupus?

How is lupus diagnosed?

What are the laboratory tests for lupus?

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Magazine | Nov. 01, 2012

AVISE™ SLE: Improving Diagnosis, Improving Care

A single test that can help diagnose a complex disease like lupus by ruling out other potential diseases could help physicians reach a definitive diagnosis in a shorter period of time. The AVISE™ SLE test has been shown to do just that.

Research News | Sep. 27, 2012

New Intel Technology Could Facilitate Lupus Diagnosis

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Intel Corporation have created a novel silicon chip that can help identify people with a particularly severe form of lupus.

Research News | Aug. 01, 2012

Study Holds Promise for Predicting Lupus Progression

Scientists could be a step closer to identifying and treating early cases of lupus, before the onset of organ-damaging illness.

Podcasts | May. 07, 2012

Diagnosing Lupus

Dr. John Harley, director of the Division of Rheumatology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, provides an overview of how lupus is diagnosed.

Podcasts | Nov. 09, 2011

Cross Cultural Validation of Quality of Life Measure for Lupus

Dr. Meenakshi Jolly, of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, discusses the results of a study to validate an instrument to measure disease activity and quality of life.

Podcasts | Nov. 08, 2011

Validation of Revised Classification Criteria for Lupus

Dr. Michelle Petri of the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center discusses the results of a study that evaluated revised criteria for diagnosing lupus.

General News | Apr. 13, 2011

Lupus Foundation of America and Launch New Lupus Education Program

Program provides lupus education to nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians.

Video | Feb. 14, 2011

C4d as Markers of Lupus Nephritis

Dr. Amy Kao of the Allegheny-Singer Research Institute in Pittsburgh, discusses her research to evaluate the use of CD4 molecules on T-cells as a possible marker for diagnosing lupus nephritis and the potential benefits of a marker for this serious complication of lupus.