The Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers coverage to many Americans who currently do not have health insurance and provides protections for people who have chronic conditions such as lupus. The Health Insurance Marketplace provides a virtual exchange for insurance comparison. 

Not everyone will participate in the Marketplace.  However, if you are a person with lupus who wants to know more about the Health Insurance Marketplace as a health insurance option, the Lupus Foundation of America is here to support you.

The official site for the Health Insurance Marketplace is The Lupus Foundation of America will provide relevant links to resources on and other appropriate resources about the Marketplace for people who have lupus to equip you with the information you need when making your own personal decisions about health insurance. 

Open enrollment for the 2015 Marketplace starts November 15. You may find the following information helpful if: 

You do not have health insurance coverage for 2015.

You need health insurance, and the open enrollment period has closed. 

We will continue to add information about the Marketplace as it becomes available.

What is the Marketplace?

What does the Marketplace look like in my state?

How can I stay informed about the Marketplace?

How can I protect myself from insurance fraud?

How does the Affordable Care Act affect me?