Preparing for a Doctor’s Appointment

In today's managed care environment the time you spend face-to-face with your physician is limited. To get the most from your health care providers (HCPs) you'll need to meet them halfway, and preparation is the key. If you come prepared with the details and history of your problem, anticipate questions, know your medications, and bring medical records you increase the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis. And if you are anxious about doctor appointments, good preparation will go a long way to alleviate that anxiety. The following tips can help you make the most of your appointment.

  • Come prepared for your initial doctor’s appointment.  This will allow your time to more fully focus on your unique issues.

  • If you are newly diagnosed, or just want to learn as much as you can about lupus, consider downloading this list of questions, for use during your appointments. 

  • Because you have limited time with the doctor, keep a running log symptoms or questions you have.  Prior to your appointment take a look at that list.  Organize the list so those symptoms or issues that have the most impact on your activity daily living are at the top while those symptoms or issues that are present but do not have a significant impact on you are toward the bottom.  While you may not get through your entire list, you can target the most important issues.

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