For Patients, Families and Caregivers

Those living with lupus, family members and caregivers can find a wide variety of information in our resource section, including work related issues, insurance, financial assistance and locating and working with your doctor.

Caregiving: What You Need to Know

This section offers guidance, support and resources, specifically for caregivers.

Ask the Experts

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the presentations and ask questions to some of the world’s leading lupus experts. This program is provided at no cost to participants.

LFA Educational Programs

Lupus Foundation of America hosts education programs to help people with lupus and their families better understand and manage the disease.

Health Insurance

Access to health insurance may pose a challenge for people with lupus. Learn more about a variety of different insurance resources.

Life Insurance

Learn more about the process of getting life insurance if you have lupus.

Employment, Disability and Legal Issues

Information on work related issues or understanding federal disability benefits.

Financial Assistance

This section provides information on a variety of financial resources to assist you in times of need.

Learn About and Participate in Research and Clinical Trials

Learn more about the many ways you can participate in research. Developing new and effective treatments and improving our understanding of lupus would not be possible without your participation

Find a Doctor

Learn more about what types of doctors treat lupus, how to find a doctor in your area and how to prepare and get the most out of your doctor’s appointments.

Support Groups

Please contact the chapter or support group leader prior to attending the first meeting to verify all information.