Caregiving: What You Need to Know

If you are a caregiver for someone with lupus, you are not alone. This section is designed to provide you with guidance, support and advice, whether you have been a caregiver for just a few days, or for several years. We will continue to update this section with new content as it becomes available.

Have a specific question about caregiving? Contact the Lupus Foundation of America’s Health Educators.

Caring for Someone with Lupus

Learn about your role as a caregiver and how you can help.

Taking Care of Yourself

To adequately give care, you must take care of yourself.

Managing Finances, Legal Matters and Health Insurance

Protect your loved one's financial, legal and health insurance related interests.

Preparing for Unexpected Events

Learn about four different types of events every caregiver should be prepared for.

Caring for Children and Teens

If you provide care for a child or teen with lupus, keep these considerations in mind.

How to Help: A Communication Tool

“How to Help,” is a new tool to guide and increase communication between people with lupus and their caregivers. Use this tool to discuss and decide how to get and give the best support possible to live well with lupus.