Career Development Award

The Career Development Award is part of Lupus Foundation of America's effort to facilitate the transition of future lupologists from medical school, to fellowship, to independent clinician-scientist. The award was launched in 2013 to support the field of lupus research at a time when public and private funding opportunities have become harder to come by than it has been in over a decade. People just out of medical school, who may want to conduct lupus research during their fellowship training, may find it difficult to find the financial support they need to do so. This award has been created to help fellows interested in pursuing lupus research meet those needs. 


The purpose of LFA’s Career Development Award is to facilitate the professional development of rheumatology, nephrology, and dermatology fellows, in the U.S. and Canada, interested in lupus research towards a career as an independent clinician-scientist at an academic, medical, or research institution, with a research program having considerable focus on the investigation of basic, clinical, translational, behavioral, or epidemiological lupus research.

Award Funds

The Career Development Award provides 1 or 2 annual grant awards in the amount of $70,000 each. The funding may be renewable for a second year of an additional $70,000 depending upon progress made.

Request for Applications

Note: The 2014 Career Development Award competition has expired. Check back in January 2015 for information about the next competition.

Past Awardees

2014 - Laura Lewandowski, MD

2013 - Candace H. Feldman, MD, MPH