Research News

Research News | Sep. 01, 2011

Women with Lupus Have Decreased Risk for Certain Cancers

The researchers aimed to estimate the risk of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers in women with lupus relative to that for the general population.

Research News | Apr. 08, 2011

MicroRNAs Common to Three Lupus Mouse Models

The researchers hoped to identify a set of microRNAs common to three different strains of mice that have been genetically modified in different ways to have lupus, making it more likely that something similar to these microRNAs might be found in substantial percentages of people.

Research News | Mar. 04, 2011

Blood Test for Antibodies That Might be Associated with Risk for Lupus Brain Inflammation

The researchers studied the relationship between anti-NR2A antibodies and different aspects of lupus, especially whether there might be a relationship between these antibodies and NPSLE in patients from Japan.

Research News | Feb. 10, 2011

International Consensus for a Definition of Lupus Flare

The researchers hoped to create an internationally agreed-upon definition of a lupus flare that would have practical applications for clinical trial designs.

Research News | Jun. 01, 2010

Animal Study Sheds Light on Development of Lupus Nephritis

The researchers hoped to learn about the role of IFNs and macrophages (white blood cells) in the development of experimental lupus nephritis.

Research News | May. 01, 2010

Blood Components Help Differentiate Lupus and Antiphospholid Syndrome

Some people have antiphospholipid syndrome without other forms of lupus, called primary antiphospholipid syndrome (PAPS). The researchers hoped to learn whether people with systemic lupus or PAPS had different amounts of TNF-α and sIL-2R in their blood.

Research News | Feb. 01, 2010

Twin Study Seeks to Unravel Genetic Clues to Lupus Development

The researchers hoped to find out if DNA methylation is different between twins when one twin has lupus and the other does not.

Research News | Feb. 01, 2010

Can Blood Tests Help Us Learn about CNS Lupus (Lupus and the Brain)?

The researchers wanted to find out if any proteins in the blood could be used to diagnose CNS lupus.