Research News

Research News | Feb. 17, 2012

Dynamics of Lupus within First Five Years of Diagnosis

The results of this study reveal differences in autoantibody profiles over time in people with lupus, with important ethnicity-related differences, and their relationship to lupus-mediated organ damage over time.

Research News | Jan. 20, 2012

First Ever Study of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs in Children With Lupus

The researchers hoped to learn about the safety and efficacy of atorvastatin (Lipitor®) in reducing cholesterol in children with lupus.

Research News | Dec. 02, 2011

Interview-Driven, Patient-Reported Lupus Damage

As people with lupus have become increasingly educated about their disease and involved in their medical care, input from patients about their condition has become increasingly important and useful. Recently, the Lupus Damage Index Questionnaire (LDIQ) was developed for this purpose and captures the spectrum of knowledge acquired from the SDI in a patient-reported questionnaire.

Research News | Sep. 29, 2011

New Experimental Molecule Neutralizes Lupus Autoantibodies

For years, researchers have investigated the possibility of inhibiting the actions of lupus-related autoantibodies to reduce the extent of organ damage. Further research in this area has the potential to facilitate the development of new therapies for people with lupus.

Research News | Apr. 08, 2011

Biomarkers Predict Success of Lupus Nephritis Drug Therapy

Since lupus nephritis can be severe and the therapy can be toxic, it is important to be able to predict which patients would most benefit from long-term treatment.

Research News | Mar. 04, 2011

Are MicroRNAs Novel Biomarkers for Lupus Nephritis?

The researchers hoped to learn whether people with lupus kidney involvement from different races shared the same set of microRNAs.

Research News | Mar. 04, 2011

New Blood Tests May Improve the Tracking of Lupus Kidney Disease in Children

Current treatments for lupus nephritis in children are toxic and sometimes ineffective. New tests for proteins that might be abnormal in lupus nephritis could help make the diagnosis earlier and might also point to new ways of treating the disease.

Research News | Jan. 07, 2011

Epratuzumab is Safe and Effective for Treatment of Lupus in Phase II Trials

Epratuzumab is an investigational agent for the treatment of lupus. The researchers hoped to learn whether epratuzumab could be a safe and effective treatment for people with moderate-to-severe lupus.