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Research News | Dec. 02, 2011

Blood Test May Indicate Lupus Nephritis Activity

The researchers hoped to learn about whether a protein in the blood called C4d could serve as an indicator of lupus nephritis activity in people with lupus.

Research News | Dec. 02, 2011

Interview-Driven, Patient-Reported Lupus Damage

As people with lupus have become increasingly educated about their disease and involved in their medical care, input from patients about their condition has become increasingly important and useful. Recently, the Lupus Damage Index Questionnaire (LDIQ) was developed for this purpose and captures the spectrum of knowledge acquired from the SDI in a patient-reported questionnaire.

Research News | Dec. 02, 2011

Reduced Growth and Delayed Puberty in Children with Lupus

The researchers hoped to learn about the effects of lupus and/or its treatments on multiple indicators or growth and development in children.

Research News | Oct. 28, 2011

Genetic Profiling Can Predict Some Lupus Manifestations

The researchers hoped to learn about the relationship between the presence of specific lupus susceptibility genes and the development of specific disease manifestations.

Research News | Sep. 29, 2011

Self-Reported Effects of Cutaneous Lupus on Quality of Life

The researchers hoped to learn the prevalence of self-reported photosensitivity among people with lupus, as well as its effects on quality of life.

Research News | Sep. 01, 2011

Women with Lupus Have Decreased Risk for Certain Cancers

The researchers aimed to estimate the risk of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers in women with lupus relative to that for the general population.

Research News | Sep. 01, 2011

Comparison of Lupus Nephritis Classifications of Two International Organizations

The researchers aimed to determine the effects of the ISN-RPS re-classifications for lupus nephritis on patient outcomes.

Research News | Sep. 01, 2011

Lack of Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in a Canadian Population of Lupus Patients

People with lupus have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke due to premature hardening of the arteries. The researchers aimed to evaluate how effectively risk for heart disease was being assessed in a population of lupus patients being cared for in Alberta, Canada.