Research News

Research News | Sep. 18, 2012

Second Pregnancy Outcomes in Lupus

The researchers hoped to learn about second pregnancy outcomes in women with lupus, particularly in those whose first pregnancy had an adverse outcome.

Research News | Aug. 15, 2012

Lupus-Related Changes in Energy Metabolism

People with lupus may experience chronic fatigue, the exact causes of which are yet to be fully understood. There are a number of different energy-producing metabolic processes that may be affected in people with lupus.

Research News | Aug. 15, 2012

Academic Performance in Children With Lupus

The researchers hoped to determine whether children with lupus have worse academic functioning relative to their peers of similar demographic and socioeconomic background.

Research News | Jul. 17, 2012

Seasonal Influences on Lupus Flares

This study examined the relationship between fluctuating levels of vitamin D during different seasons, characterized by differing amounts of light exposure, while patients experienced lupus flares.

Research News | Jul. 17, 2012

Race-Related Preferences In Lupus Treatments

The researchers hoped to learn about possible differences in treatment preferences for lupus among members of different racial/ethnic patient groups, as well as demographic or clinical characteristics associated with such preferences.

Research News | May. 16, 2012

Reproductive Behavior Among Women with Lupus

A more detailed understanding of the reproductive behavior of women with lupus can help identify their needs in terms of caring for their disease and become educated about its possible effects, including those on reproduction.

Research News | Apr. 20, 2012

Increased Lupus-Related Risk of Work Loss

Having lupus is known to negatively affect specific aspects of work life. In general, the following are associated with work loss among people with lupus: lower levels of education, minority race/ethnicity, advanced age, longer disease duration, higher disease activity, and cognitive involvement.

Research News | Apr. 20, 2012

Assessing Family Role Functioning in People with Lupus

The results of this study indicate that having lupus is significantly disruptive in a number of aspects of family life, including family activity participation, role functioning, and mental health, as well as social support and intimacy.