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Research News | Mar. 17, 2010

Low Level of Vitamin D Does Not Necessarily Result in Bone Disease in People With Lupus

The researchers wanted to know about possible relationships between vitamin D levels in the blood, lupus treatments, and bone mineral density (BMD), a measurement of how thick bones are.

Research News | Jan. 05, 2010

A Second Flu Shot Might Be More Effective in Some People With Lupus

The researchers wanted to find out whether a second, "booster" flu shot could increase antibody responses in lupus patients.

Research News | Jan. 04, 2010

Immunosuppressants Render Flu Vaccination Less Effective in People With Lupus

Lupus patients might have decreased antibody responses to the flu shot as compared to healthy people. Since cell-mediated responses to the influenza vaccine also influence how well the vaccine will work, it is important to understand how lupus may affect the body’s cell-mediated response to the vaccine.