Research News

Research News | Jul. 26, 2011

Heart Disease May Precipitate Depression in Certain People with Lupus

The researchers hoped to learn about lupus-related factors, especially heart disease, that may contribute to the development of depression in people with lupus.

Research News | Apr. 08, 2011

Contraceptive Counseling and Use Among Women With Lupus

The researchers hoped to learn whether contraceptive counseling had effects on the frequency of use of contraceptives.

Research News | Feb. 10, 2011

A Validated Quality of Life Instrument for People with Lupus

The researchers tested the LupusQoL-US instrument to see how well it could pick up different active clinical features of lupus from the point of view of the patient’s experience.

Research News | Nov. 03, 2010

Low Levels of Vitamin D Are Seen With Increased Lupus Disease Activity

The researchers hoped to learn about the relationship between levels of vitamin D in the blood and lupus disease activity.

Research News | Oct. 05, 2010

Brain Involvement in an International Cohort of Lupus Patients

The researchers hoped to accurately determine the frequency and outcome of neuropsychiatric lupus, as well as its impacts on quality of life.

Research News | Oct. 05, 2010

Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Lupus Nephritis

The researchers hoped to determine the specific effects of active lupus-related kidney disease on pregnancy outcomes, as well as complications that might occur in the mothers or babies.

Research News | Aug. 18, 2010

A Self-Assessed Lupus Organ Damage Instrument

The researchers hoped to learn whether a lupus damage questionnaire, filled out by lupus patients instead of their doctors, would be accurate and/or useful.

Research News | Jun. 01, 2010

Which Women with Lupus Have Greater Risk for Human Papilloma Virus?

The researchers hoped to learn the frequency of HPV infection in women with lupus, the risk factors for developing the infection, and risk factors for having persistent infection for at least six months.