Research News

Research News | Sep. 27, 2012

New Intel Technology Could Facilitate Lupus Diagnosis

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine and Intel Corporation have created a novel silicon chip that can help identify people with a particularly severe form of lupus.

Research News | Sep. 18, 2012

Biomarker-Driven Assessment of Lupus Progression

To help identify biomarkers of early lupus, the researchers aimed to establish a relationship between levels of specific autoantibodies and the evolution of clinical signs of lupus over time.

Research News | Aug. 01, 2012

Study Holds Promise for Predicting Lupus Progression

Scientists could be a step closer to identifying and treating early cases of lupus, before the onset of organ-damaging illness.

Research News | Jun. 21, 2012

Revision of Classification Criteria for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

The new SLICC classification rule is more clinically relevant, includes updates and more inclusive definitions of lupus-related variables, and improves upon the ACR classification criteria in several important ways.